About Swift Realisation

Kristy Swift RealisationSwift Realisation was established in 2008.

As former Executive Director of Regen School, The Community Based School of Regeneration I had supported several hundreds of businesses, social enterprises and community organisations and had identified a gap in the consultancy market…

There were lots of consultants out there that would go into organisations, analyse and identify business needs and leave behind a plan or strategy that would inspire, enthuse and then subsequently get shelved because of a lack of time, resource or expertise. I had seen so many fantastic projects start with great enthusiasm only to get put on hold a few months later – so I decided to do something about it… and Swift Realisation was born.

Swift Realisation is all about ‘making things happen’. Traditional consultancy is just the first stage of the process. I support organisations to identify their goals and develop implementation plans and then take a hands on approach to delivering the project for as long as necessary to ensure goals are achieved quickly, efficiently, on time and always to the highest standard. I define this approach as Rapid Action Project Management.

How much I get involved is completely up to you – I can kick start your project and then hand it over once it is gets off the ground, take on only the tasks that you don’t have the time or skills to complete in-house or simply meet with you on a regular basis to review your project milestones and keep the momentum going. This approach works across all the support I offer from new business start ups, turnaround support, website development, social media, marketing campaigns and event management.